Company Profile

The modern world is all about change, and often rapid change at that – some call it progress, yet as society we need to embrace those changes. However there are many things that we at Lennox Realty never want to change.

There is comfort in knowing that a task will be completed in a thoroughly professional way; of being able to count on the extra care, service and effort that doesn’t appear on the bill.

In the end, it’s all a matter of trust. Nowhere is trust more important to you than when you are involved in the sensitive, even delicate matter of selling and buying property.


There are so many factors involved, from finding what is pleasing, what is emotionally satisfying and what is secure for you, to the bottom line factors of affordability, investment and attracting the right buyers for your existing property. We understand you need more than trust. There also has to be experience, knowledge, enthusiasm, dedication and the often rare commodities of honesty and discretion.

For those of us at Lennox Realty, establishing and maintaining these credentials is fundamental to our business.

We like the people with whom we work and we are proud that so many clients have come back to us again and again over the years!

You owe it to yourself to experience the Lennox Realty difference.